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3 Reasons Why Dog Dental Care Matters More Than You Think

Many pet owners know that procedures like spaying and neutering help pets stay healthy and well-behaved. These procedures also help reduce the number of strays and unwanted animals, which makes them undeniably important.

But when was the last time you thought about your dog’s dental health — or even considered bringing your dog to a pet dental clinic?

The truth is that pets need dental care just as much as we do. This is especially true for our dogs, whose teeth can experience plenty of plaque and tartar build-up over time.

Brush up on the need to provide dog dental care to your four-legged friend with these three reasons why pet dental hygiene matters just as much as the importance of spaying and neutering your pet:

Regular dental checkups prevent pain

Unlike other people, our pets aren’t able to tell us when they’re in pain. As a result, you may not be aware that your pet is in pain until the problem becomes extreme. Regular dental checkups can help prevent this from happening, ensuring your dog doesn’t have to deal with painful tooth-aches. Your dog will be a much happier member of your family when he or she isn’t experiencing dental pain!

Pet dental care prevents tooth loss

Did you know that a full-grown dog will have 42 teeth? Each of these teeth is essential for chewing, biting and functioning. If your dog loses one or more teeth, this can be extremely painful and lead to serious health complications. By bringing your dog to a dog dental care clinic regularly, this tooth loss can be prevented.

Caring for your dog’s teeth will prevent numerous health problems

Much like spaying or neutering your dog can lengthen her or his lifespan by one to three years, ensuring your dog gets regular dental care is important for making sure he or she lives the longest, healthiest life possible. Dental care can help prevent periodontal disease, which has negative effects for the heart and other organs. And when your pet is healthier, your pet will be happier, as well.

The 3 Rookie Mistakes That New Pet Owners Can’t Afford to Make

Bringing a new pet home for the first time can be one of the most exciting feelings, especially if you’ve never been a pet owner before. There’s a reason why we have such a close bond with our animals.
However, the old saying that pets are a big responsibility isn’t just a cliche. As the primary caretaker of your four-legged friend, it’s up to you to make sure your pet lives a long, healthy life.
Many first-time pet owners make rookie mistakes when caring for their pets — but sometimes, these mistakes can cause serious harm to your pet’s health and happiness. Be a better pet owner by avoiding these three common mistakes that new pet owners are prone to making:
Ignoring unusual behavior
When your pet is acting abnormally, it shouldn’t be interpreted as something that will go away in a few days. As a responsible pet owner, you should be aware of your pet’s unique rhythms and behaviors. If you notice behavior that seems out of character for your pet, it’s time to bring your pet to a veterinary professional.
Encouraging bad habits early
It can be tempting to let your pet get away with misbehaving — they are adorable, after all! But once you find that these bad habits are hard to break, they might not be as adorable as they initially seemed. Because of this, it’s best to avoid encouraging them; don’t feed your pet scraps from the table or let him or her sleep in your bed unless you’re prepared to deal with doing this forever.
Avoiding spay and neuter procedures
It’s something we all ask: why spay and neuter your pets? The answer is that bringing your pet into the modern spay neuter clinic shouldn’t be optional — spaying and neutering keeps your pet healthier and better-behaved, and helps cut down on the number of unwanted animals euthanized in shelters every year.