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How to Comfort Your Cat After They’re Spayed

Your cat can be a bit uncomfortable after getting spayed but read more to learn about ways to keep your pet happy and comfortable. Visit us at for more information and to schedule a visit for your pet.

How to Comfort Your Cat After They’re Spayed

There are many benefits of spaying your pet. Getting your cat spayed is a great way to ensure that you won’t all of a sudden become grandparents to a litter of kittens (however delightful that might be at first). A quick visit to the spay clinic will solve all that, since spaying a cat is a relatively routine and simple procedure.

Caring for your pet after a surgery, however minor, is very important. After neutering a cat, keep these pointers in mind:


  • Keep your kitty inside. This will limit the chance of them picking up bacteria in their wounds or overextending themselves. Many vets will recommend keeping your pet in a crate or in one room if you will need to leave for an extended period of time.
  • Expect your feline companion to have much lower energy levels — your furry friend will need to rest up for the next couple of days. Also, expect to see some mild redness of the skin around the incision.
  • Limit your pet’s access to hiding spots, so that you will be able to monitor their recovery process. This goes hand in hand with trying to limit your kitty’s physical activity until they’re done healing.
  • Keep males and females apart: while they are healing from a spaying or neutering, they can still attract each other and hamper recovery.



  • Introduce a new diet to your pet — the change could cause very unpleasant symptoms and discomfort in general.
  • Feed your pet immediately after the surgery. Most likely, your kitty shouldn’t eat for the next few hoursĀ or so. Treats are not the answer (and shouldn’t be more than 10% of your pet’s diet anyway)
  • Overwater your cat — it is usually recommended that your cat should only get a small amount of water immediately after the surgery.
  • Disturb the incisonĀ or the area around it. This includes bathing, petting, brushing, grooming or applying any ointments, which could interfere with the natural healing process.

Make sure to choose vet clinic and a vet with a lot of experience spaying a cat. As long as you let your furry friend heal properly, they’ll be right as rain in no time at all.