A few Benefits of Spaying and Neutering Your Pet

Read about some beneficial tips for spaying and neutering your cat or dog today.

Neutering refers to the sterilization of pets. The male procedure is called castration, but neutering is the term most commonly used. Spaying is usually reserved for females. This guide helps you understand the benefits of these procedures.

Less Desire to Roam
Female dogs usually release pheromones when they are in heat. Male dogs can smell the scent from a distance, so they start roaming to look for females. When you neuter your male dog, its desire to roam will be reduced. Therefore, you can worry less about losing your dog.

Also, spaying your female dog will reduce its chance of being in heat, so it will not leave the house going out to look for male dogs. Thus, your pet will be safe at home. This also applies to cats.

Reduces Number of Litters
If you think going through the neutering and spaying process is hard, try taking care of unwanted litters. Taking care of litters is expensive, and it takes a lot of time. Therefore, it is vital to go to a pet spay clinic and control the birth rate of female pets.

Provides Significant Health Benefits
Pets can experience many health issues during their lifetime. Neutering is vital as it helps prevents testicular cancer. Testicular cancer has been reported to be at high rates in dogs and cats. Dog clinics encourage pet owners to neuter their dogs to avoid such cases.

Spaying, on the other hand, helps prevent breast cancer and uterine infections in pets. Thus, avoiding these major complications should be one of the benefits of spaying pets that you should keep in mind.

If a female pet is spayed during its first heat cycle, the chances of developing a mammary tumor are usually reduced tremendously. Pet healthcare should be your priority when you have a dog or cat.

Reduces Animal Population
Many people are surprised at the high numbers of pets, which are usually euthanized yearly. Therefore, the best way to reduce euthanasia processes is by controlling the animal’s population. Dogs and cats do not give birth to just one litter; thus, their population grows rapidly.

If every family took their pets for the neutering and spaying procedures, animal population may be reduced to a manageable number. Visit our spay and neuter clinic to be part of the initiative of reducing animal population using birth control instead of animal euthanasia. Spaying and neutering is the only 100% effective form of birth control for cats and dogs.

Have a Well Behaved Pet
Neutering dogs and cats usually redirects their full attention to the family. They will spend more time with the family instead of running around getting into garbage cans or running into the road. The fidgetiness of pets is usually reduced in neutered animals.

Neutering and spaying your pet only manages undesired behaviors that are linked to aggression. Your pet’s personality will still be maintained, so you don’t need to worry about losing your joyful and playful pet in the process.

Increases Pets’ Life Expectancy
Taking your cat or dog to a pet spay clinic can help increase its life expectancy. Neutering a dog increases its lifespan by one to three years. This shows that neutering improves the health of a pet. Neutering a cat increases its life span by three to five years.

It Is Good For the Community
Stray pets may cause accidents, destroy property, frighten children, and make noise in the neighborhood. Therefore, another benefit of spaying or neutering your pet is that the community will get to live more peacefully.

Spaying and neutering are important. Head to our pet spay clinic to experience all the above benefits. Our professional team will provide you with enough information about how to take care of the pet after the procedure. This guide gives you the reasons as to why you need to visit a pet spay clinic if you have a pet.