Inking for a Cause: Michigan Tattoo Parlor Donates Money From Animal-Themed Tattoos to Local Animal Shelter

Read more about how a Tattoo parlor got creative to raise money for a local spay and neuter clinic!

Animal overpopulation continues to be a major issue that plagues much of the world — and in the United States, this results in millions of unwanted cats and dogs ending up on the streets, in animal shelters or even euthanized due to many pet owners not realizing the benefits of neutering your pet and the benefits of spaying your pet.

To help support cat and dog spay and neuter clinics, the tattoo artists at Flint Township’s Custom Ink and Tattoo in Michigan recently raised money in a truly unique way — $25 from each animal-themed tattoo the artists gave on Sunday, Nov. 16 went directly to a local no-kill shelter to help support local spay and neuter programs.

“I wanted to get others involved who may not normally be involved in animal rescue,” Sloane Slagg, director of Kreacher Konnections, the shelter that Custom Ink and Tattoo is benefiting, said.

Customers at Custom Ink and Tattoo got tattoos ranging from their dogs’ pawprints to a doodle of a cat, according to an article. As long as the tattoo related back to pets or animals in some way, Custom Ink and Tattoo would donate the $25 to Kreacher Konnections.

The only way to prevent unwanted stray and feral pets is to bring one’s pets to a cat or dog spay and neuter clinic, and this is just one of the reasons why you should spay and neuter your pets. Spaying and neutering also offers a number of health benefits to pets, such as preventing cancer, extending their life spans and improving their behavior.

Tiffany Daniels, the Kreacher Konnections volunteer who organized the event at Custom Ink and Tattoo, told that she wanted to hold the event to help the animal rescue cause and ultimately ensure as many pets as possible can find a loving home.

“Hopefully it prevents more unwanted pets with spay and neuter,” said Daniels, who also got a tattoo at the event.
Read more about how a Tattoo parlor got creative to raise money for a local spay and neuter clinic!