Three Facts That Show Why Spaying and Neutering Really Matters

Springtime is here — and spring might just be the best time of the year to take advantage of the benefits of spaying or neutering your pet.

That’s because spring is peak breeding season for pets — and by choosing to neuter or spay your cat or dog now, before peak season begins, you can more easily find an affordable spay and neuter clinic near you to perform this procedure on your furry friend.

But why spay and neuter your pets? Why does it matter? Here are the top three problems that spay and neuter procedures help reduce and prevent:

Pet overpopulation

Each year, millions of cats and dogs are unable to find a home and end up in animal shelters or out on the streets as strays — or worse, they’re euthanized. The vast majority of these pets are the products of unplanned litters of puppies and kittens. The best and most effective way to help reduce the number of unwanted pets is to have your own pets spayed or neutered.

Behavioral issues

Having your dog or cat spayed or neutered — especially once they’re 3 months old or so — also prevents a number of bothersome behavioral problems from emerging. Neutered male dogs and cats are much less likely to roam away from home and can help diminish aggressive behaviors. Spayed female pets won’t go into heat, which means they will also be better-behaved.

Pet cancers and health conditions

If performed before the pet reaches six months of age, spaying and neutering completely eliminates the risk of your pet getting certain reproductive cancers. Testicular cancer, uterine infections and breast cancer are all preventable with a spay or neuter procedure. This in turn results in a longer, healthier and happier life for your pet!

Want to know more about the importance of spaying and neutering your pet — or are you having trouble finding an affordable spay and neuter clinic? Ask us any questions you may have about this by emailing us.