Rescued Dogs From Phoenix Puppy Mill To Be Trained To Help Veterans With PTSD

This November, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office M.A.S.H. Unit freed 129 dogs from a Tonopah puppy mill outside Phoenix. Now, the MASH (MCSO Animal Safe Haven) Unit is housing the animals until they can find good homes for the pups; members of the public are encouraged to call if interested in adopting the rescued dogs.

According to the unit’s website, “Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s no-kill animal shelter, MASH, was created to house and care for animals that have been abused or neglected by their caretakers and rescued by the Animal Crimes Investigations Unit.”

Sheriff Arpaio said the puppy mill was known to investigators, who demanded the couple running the facility improve conditions for the animals. When that failed to happen, officers returned to rescue 129 bulldogs and pugs, which were being sold for up to $1,000 each. Charges against the puppy mill operators are pending.

In better news, the Sheriff’s Office says some of the dogs will be trained as service dogs to help veterans with PTSD.

The latest puppy mill bust shows the uphill battle faced by those who want to reduce the suffering of man’s best friend. Illegal puppy mills like the one in Tonopah lessen the overall efforts completed from the good work performed by Arizona spay and neuter clinics.

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