5 Signs Your Cat Is Hurting And Needs To See The Vet

Meta: We’ve created a list of common signs your cat isn’t feeling too great. Here are the top five sponsored by AZPAWS.org

In a perfect world, your cat would be able to tell you when they’re in pain. But because they can’t tell you, it’s up to you to play detective and read their behavior.

Cats are fairly good at hiding their pain. They don’t want to let potential predators know they’re easy targets. This can make reading your cat’s behavior tricky.

To help you out, we’ve created a list of common signs your cat isn’t feeling too great. Here are the top five:

Getting around is hard for your cat.
Cats are a little like people when it comes to pain. They may not want to move when they’re hurting. Your cat might be in pain if they have problems jumping or if they’re not moving around like they usually do.

Your cat isn’t eating as much.
Your cat might not want to eat if they’re in pain or if they have an upset stomach. Not eating could also be a sign of digestion issues.

Your cat isn’t grooming, or they’re grooming one spot.
Your cat might not be grooming themselves because moving hurts them. They could also be focused on grooming one spot on their bodies because they’re trying to ease the pain in that area, like when you rub your arm.

Changes in litter-box habits.
Your cat may have a urinary tract infection, obstruction, or inflamed bladder if they’re straining to urinate.

Your cat is scooting.
Your cat may have a bowel obstruction if they poop in their litter box but then scoot around on your floor when they’ve finished.

Has your cat been receiving preventative care?
Pet healthcare is just as important as human healthcare. Your cat needs to visit a vet clinic at least once a year until they’ve reached the age of 10. After that, it’s suggested they go to the veterinarian office twice a year.

By the age of three, up to 70% of cats have periodontal disease. That’s why dental care, vaccinations, and neutering/spaying your cat are important parts when it comes to pet safety and care.

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